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"Filadelphia Fifties"

Run up the steps.


50 Step Jumps
50 Walking Lunged Steps
50 Sandbag Push Presses
50 Tuck Jumps
50 Burpees

Run up the steps.

Still moving bodies, not machines…

Geese Herding?

4 Rounds with a 50lb. Sandbag:

50m Overhand Throw
50m Underhand Throw
50m Zercher Hold Walking Lunge
50m Bodyweight Sprint

Us against them (geese).

“Only people willing to work to the point of discomfort on a regular basis using effective means to produce that discomfort will actually look like they have been other-than-comfortable most of the time.” – another gem from… Coach Rippetoe

Unleashing Hell-en


Run 400m (gazebo to tree and back)
21 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls with 50# Sandbag
12 Ring Pullups

Dan in a fight with his first Helen.

“The curse of the novice is two-fold. Along with a wanton desire for progress comes a concomitant failure to realize that advanced skills are not the province of the beginner….Recognize that competence lies on the other side of slogging failure. Make your preparations, and assault your target, never forgetting that victory is the end state of persistence. You’ll find that the curse of the novice is no longer yours, as you’ve recognized that success comes only by embracing failure at every stage of the game.” – Jon Gilson of

Check out Jon’s article on “Permission to Fail” here.

I’m as guilty as anyone of being that trainee that wants a muscle up before getting ring pullups and dips. I, like any athlete, hate failing and would really prefer to rack up PRs during every day of training. I am slowly learning that this gets you more frustrated than faster and more sulky than strong.

Finish everything you start, make a commitment to put yourself in a position that will get you to your goals (show up!) but allow your body and mind to adjust to the battery it’s getting. Know that failure is a necessary part of success and that the best successes are the ones you have had to fight long and hard for.

-Erin of Crossfit Tribe

More Sandbag Love.

5×5 Sandbag Shouldered Squats (5 on each side = 1 set)

6×3 Sandbag Push Presses

Max Sandbag Shouldered Turkish Get Up

Dennis: 125
Doug: 150
Rachel (of Crossfit Tribe): 75
Tracy: 50
Denise: 50
Alyson: 75

*numbers do not accurately reflect grueling effort and deadbug-like-scrambling each one of these TGUs actually took.

Max Bodyweight Plank

Dennis: 7 minutes*
Doug: 1 1/2
Rachel (of Crossfit Tribe): 4
Tracy: 3 1/2
Denise: 1 1/2
Alyson: 2 1/2

*does not accurately reflect poking and prodding by Steve, carefree twiddling of thumbs, or cut-throat competition with Rachel for first 4 minutes of planking. Sheesh. Fighters…

Beautiful weather, great company, and a lease to be signed shortly… Who could ask for anything more?

-Erin of Crossfit Tribe

SATURDAY, July 26, 2008: Chipping Away

Flip a 200lb. Tire for 75m
Clean and Throw a Sandbag 50m (25 of 50lb. Sandbag)
30 Ring Pullups
30 Squat Jumps
30 Pushups

Our Newest Crossfitter! :o )

Internet is back up and running, folks. Sorry to be out of commission for a while. More videos from this past week to follow! See you out there!

-Erin of Crossfit Tribe

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What’s That Funky Symbol?

This is an Adinkra Symbol. The wawa tree, a hard African wood, is revered for its quality as a medium for carving. Its seeds are extremely hard and serve as a symbol in Akan culture of strength, toughness, and perseverance.

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