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Great, big, beautiful Sunday!

Hey, folks –

Some changes are set to take place this week. Here’s what you need to know:

1. There will now be a 645am class on Wednesdays taught by Warren.

2. 530p classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and Friday night at 6p will be designated Level 1 classes. We are offering this in place of ON RAMP classes (which will be put on hold while we try out the Level 1/2 format).

3. Also, please note all the new events listed on the side of the blog! We’ve got a Nutrition Seminar, Rock Climbing, and a day of Running Filming going on!
What does Level 1 mean?
Anyone can attend but this session is intended for members who are relatively or completely new to CrossFit. The intensity will not be scaled but the volume of the given WOD for everyone else will be scaled. We are doing this to take more time to focus on the movements at hand and to allow the newest members the same courtesy and learning environment that every here once had as a new person – you were given very personal instruction and slowly introduced to the level of skill that most of you currently practice.
Here is an example of how programming will work:
Last Thursday’s WOD was:

Deadlifts, 2×5
Chin-ups, 3×15

4 sets; no rest:
5 DB power snatch
5 DB power jerk
5 DB split clean (per leg)

For the Level 1 class this might look a little more like this:
Chin-ups, as a warmup – set band abilities, complete a few reps with varying grips. Record.
Deadlifts – take ample time to review the skill and work up to completion of 3 x 5 with moderate weight. More advanced trainees may complete this with heavier weight or simply work on speed.
Then, 4 sets; no rest:
5 DB power jerk
5 DB split clean (per leg)
So as you can see – it’s not less work so much as more focused on giving every member a chance to learn and focus a little more and not feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of too many movements too fast.

All that said, we need your help in making this work for everyone! Please let us know (via the comments, email, or in person) what you think of the new programming and how you think we might be able to improve it! We’re a Tribe and this means NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND! So – help us help you – let us know what you’re thinking and what you need.

Post questions, thoughts, and diatribes to comments. :)

15 minutes of FUN!!!!

on the top of every 3 minutes you must complete a 400 meter run then in the remaining time you must do 5 burpees and max overhead squats @95 pounds. Your score is dependent on how many OHS you complete in the 15 minutes.

*the burpees are to be completed with full extension up top and a clap overhead.
*the OHS must be completed with full depth and full extension up top

post total overhead squats completed in the 15 minutes


Do it like this and you’re doing it right.

Squat, 3×5
Press, 3×5

2 sets:
A1. 10 Barbell bent row; 20X1; no rest
A2. 15 Good Mornings; 90 sec rest

Dutch Lowy’s talks about common injuries on his blog and ways to fix them.

Never forget that you’re training is only as good as your recovery - here is one way to RECOVER.


Little do you know about what goes on here while you’re all quietly sipping coffee or sleeping soundly in your beds…
We will be adding another morning class next week on Wednesdays! There will also be a few new tweaks to our schedule starting next week as well! Stay tuned to get the full details.

Dan – when’s the last time you saw a STRONG orthodontist? :)

Matt – you’re strong so don’t do that with your neck next time. ;)
Ann – killing it by 5 rep maxing 5lbs. below her previous one-rep max.
STINK! Knee brace or not – pulling heavy stuff off the ground!

Feats of Strength

Deadlifts, 2×5

Chin-ups, 3×15

followed by:

4 sets; no rest:

5 DB power snatch

5 DB power jerk

5 DB split clean (per leg)

If your a fan of oldtime strength, you should know the name and training methods of Hermann Goerner. The German strongman set all manner of incredible records during his career. A few of his greatest feats:

1. Right-Hand Military Press: 138 pounds

2. Left-Hand Military Press: 115 Pounds

3. Right-Hand Snatch: 230 pounds

4. Two-Arm Jerk: 411 pounds

5. Right-Hand kettlebell swing of two kettlebells totaling 187.5 pounds

6. Two-Hands slow curl of 209 pounds

7. A rectangular fix of 160 pounds

8. The Human Bridge – while an automobile with six passengers drove Over him – a weight of well over 4000 pounds

9. Carried a grand piano weighing 1444 pounds for 52 feet

10. Wrote his name on a blackboard with a 110 pound kettlebell hanging from his thumb

11. One Hand Deadlift of 735 pounds

12. Lifted his stage dumbbell (which was 330 pounds with a 2-3/8 inch diameter handle) clean and jerk style – any time he wanted.

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The Tribe shares space, equipment, and friendly competition with the stellar athletes of Steve's Club. Steve's Club is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization offering young athletes (and non-athletes) of Camden, NJ world-class coaching, community and training techniques used by elite and professional athletes worldwide to help strengthen the foundation of our future. Please visit the site to find out more about how you can make a difference.

Mobility WOD

What’s That Funky Symbol?

This is an Adinkra Symbol. The wawa tree, a hard African wood, is revered for its quality as a medium for carving. Its seeds are extremely hard and serve as a symbol in Akan culture of strength, toughness, and perseverance.

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